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  • Fall 2022: It's Good To Be Home

    It’s Good To Be Home created a warm and inviting space, meant to welcome customers through MPorium’s idea of Marist as a home away from home. The store was softened through a mix of natural elements and a variety of textures that brought a comforting and cozy feel. 

  • Spring 2022: Take A Chance

    Take A Chance was a unique and unexpected concept that included new elements in both display and store layout. The statement-making theme was meant to challenge and inspire customers to do something every day that they never thought they were capable of.

  • Fall 2021: Better Daze

    Better Daze represented the light at the end of the dark tunnel that consumed our lives for the past few years. Knowing that better days are ahead, this theme consisted of whimsical and light fixtures to brighten people’s days and create an enjoyable experience in the store.

  • Spring 2021: In Full Bloom

    In Full Bloom brought the liveliness and beauty of springtime to life. Throughout the store, disco balls and flowers complimented each other in a way that reflected the femininity and flare of spring. The color story focused on pastel shades of green and purple and earthy tones.

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