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  • Fall 2021: Better Daze

    Better Daze represented the light at the end of the dark tunnel that has consumed our lives for the past few years. Knowing that better days are ahead of us, this theme consisted of whimsical, light and fun fixtures to brighten people’s days and create an enjoyable experience in the store!

  • Spring 2021: In Full Bloom

    In Full Bloom brought the liveliness and beauty of springtime to life. Throughout the store, disco balls and flowers complimented each other in a way that reflected the femininity and flare of spring. The color story focused on pastel shades of green and purple and earthy tones.

  • Fall 2020: Choose Your Own Adventure

    Choose Your Own Adventure encouraged a feeling of wanderlust. With arrows guiding the way to seven different paths throughout the store, customers could shop specifically curated collections based on the journey of their choosing.

  • Spring 2020: In Living Color

    In Living Color was based on a color story and vision that is vibrant, fun, and playful. The store displayed a color spectrum that speaks to a variety of customers. In Living Color allowed students, staff and faculty to experience color in all aspects throughout the Spring.

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